5 Tips for Creating a Hilarious Explainer Video

I came across this great little article by Manish Roshan, which provides 5 helpful tips on ways to create a hilarious explainer video. Make sure you watch the video examples, they'll get you chuckling! Which is proof that these tips really do work! 

Tip #1 Metaphors

"If you can make your viewers understand one concept in terms of another, your explainer video gets a lot more fun to watch and yeah “humorous” too!"

Video example - Marketing Advocate

Tip #2 Funny Characters

"Funny is what funny does. If you have strange and amusing characters in your explainer video, everything that they do on screen would seem funny to the viewers."

Video example - PigDrive

Tip #3 One Liners

"You see them every day in your Newsfeed. They always make you laugh. Be it sarcastic or be it just speaking the truth candidly, a hilarious one line if added right in the beginning of the script can keep the audience laughing for the entire video."

Tip #4 Expressionless Truths

"When you are not worried about telling the truth no matter how bitter it may be, you just say it with a plane face."

Video example - DollarShaveClub.com

Tip #5 Hyperbole

"Bringing rhetorical exaggeration to your explainer video’s script can work well. It’s engaging as well as humorous. It draws the viewer’s attention."

Video example - DirecTV

Original post by Manish Roshan, Broadcast2world